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   The “Tree”, by its form, represents evloution, for it begins with a root and spreads out into 

branches and twigs:only as applied to the kosmos the root is concieved to be on high and 

the branches extend downwards.  Foundation-Noun, “The basis or groundwork of anything”. 

"An Inverted Ideal" 

The sub-organic world of elements are the roots and limbs of an 

artist structure of thought.  A creative observation of the 

naturalistic beauty of the world that fuels my vision. 

My non-traditional choice of materials which involves organic substances 

such as tea, dirt, raw vegetable juice, olive oil and vinegars with the goal 

of creating color and texture brings us back to the core of expressive 

existence.  To leave our mark on the world, not from an archival stand 

point or longevity but merely a gesture in the sand. These works are 

about the now and how we got here. 


The internal gesture provides us with content. It is my personality that 

becomes objectified though the formalization of these works and other 

eternal values like chance, love, memories, mistakes and logic. It is a 

purely naturalistic inversion of my ideals that turns the world on its ear 

and becomes the creative gesture. The paradox is that the retreat into the 

unconscious is in a sense the desire to maintain a "pure organic 

statement" about what I conceive as an artistic prerogative. Everything in 

the conscious world is held to be contaminated though our own social 

stigmas. The works before you are a gesture of the purity that eludes 

ones practical expectations.

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